Aim for the Stars Foundation


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In 2015, I’m returning to blogging to share my journey as a grant recipient of the Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation.  I applied for this grant late last year and in January 2015 I received a call from LAYNE BEACHLEY herself to let me know that I was successful. Despite that fact that my phone battery died mid-conversation and I had to wait an agonising 15 minutes for it to recharge and call her back, it was super exciting to have a personal phone call with Layne.

The foundation was established by Layne in 2003 to empower women and girls to achieve their goals though financial support and mentoring. The 2015 scholarship recipients are girls and women from across Australia who are involved in a range of sporting, academic, community and cultural pursuits.This grant will support me as I enter the final year of my Master of Social work (Qualifying) and prepare to complete my student placement in Odisha, India. Initially after applying for this grant and then finding out that the foundation had received over 1000 applications, I ruled out my chances of receiving a grant and accepted the fact that I would not be able to complete my final Social work placement overseas. As Layne has said,

“it’s amazing what you can create if you don’t place limitations on yourself”.

I feel really blessed for this opportunity and excited for what 2015 will bring!

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