Voices of Ireland

[Some quotes and notes jotted down during my 8 weeks travelling Ireland between September and November 2009…]


Coffee shop in Belfast, a society divided by religious and political beliefs between Catholics and Protestants – “Clements: We’re religious about coffee”


A bus Éireann driver in Glendalough asks if we’re single and then proceeds to tell us that “Men tell women want they think they want to hear, and women tell men what they want them to believe”

Travelling with friends

My friend and I chat about our trip coming to an end:

“It’ll be sad to say goodbye after 8 weeks together – we’ll have some serious co-dependency issues”

“What, just me?”

“No, me too”

“Oh, ok good”

Celtic Commercialism

Furniture store, Newport  “HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: 2 beds for the price of 1”

A spiritual pilgrimage

A couple reflect after the torturous climb up Ireland’s spiritual peak, Croagh Patrick:

Lady: “We’re so close to heaven here”

Man: “Yeah, but we’ll be in hell on the way down”

Compulsory Tea

While staying with Irish family you will always have a cup in your hand. This was the usual morning exchange with my second-cousin’s lovely wife, Kay

“Now, will you ‘ave a cuppa lovey?”

“No thanks, Kay”

“Ah, go on. You’ll ‘ave a cuppa tea”

“Nah, I’m okay”

“Ah, go on, of course you will”

“I don’t really feel like…”

“Ah, come on now. I’m just after putting the kettle on for myself and Tommy”

“Really I…”

“Okay, here you go lovey. You drink that up”


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